How Much Time Do You Spend With Yourself?

March 21, 2020





I read a quote and it hit me much harder than it should have. It read: “If you are lonely when you
are alone, you’re in bad company.”
It challenged me to think: “How much time do I spend with myself?”
No tv.
No phone.
No radio.
Just me—I laughed at the thought.
Honestly, if I’m home alone with no entertainment, outside of myself, it can be uncomfortable. It
feels weird. I need to call someone or put on a movie, so I am not left with my thoughts.



As for others, you would think after being around a person for years, you would enjoy their
company, but the truth is many of us are not comfortable with ourselves.
This is a different generation.
So much pain is masked with peals of laughter and memes. There is no time to cope or face the
reality of the issues we just laugh off or drink away; at least I do.



There’re so many distractions to sway us from reality. The reality of the world and the realities of
our inner being can often conflict with one another. We become so consumed with everything
around us physically we neglect dealing with the things inside -.
Distractions aren’t always negative things. They can be a job, friends, or even a spouse. Still, it’s
important to take time for yourself, to spend time with yourself, and understand you. Understand
the things you like, dislike, along with your own traumas and triggers. It’s all so important in
maintaining balance for people entering your life and your circle. It sets the standard for what you
demand and what you allow.



If you know your value, no one can diminish it.
If you know your worth, no one can take it away.
There are so many beautiful people that are so broken and are harboring the ugliest of pains on the
Their value is not within themselves. Instead, their worth is determined by outside sources because
they have not taken time with themselves to find the things that make them beautiful.



Maybe they have focused on the ugly things surrounding them and opinions of others which have
weighted their esteem.
See, in the end, it all comes down to what you think of yourself.

I challenge you to take time for you this week. Learn to enjoy your company.




Write down things
you love—your passions. Notice if those aspirations have changed. Turn off your phone. Log off
of social media. Power OFF the television. Find an environment quiet in its surroundings and silent
within your soul. Connect with parts of you that you once abandoned. Discover corridors of your
heart you never knew existed. Battle emotional woes and traumas which have plagued you for too
long. Take time FOR you, with you. Forgive yourself for taking so long and owe no apologies to
family, spouses, or friends. I pray at this time, you find good company.

-With Love.

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