Kodie Shane is Krack with a Capital ‘K'! Every reason she is the ONE to watch!!

August 31, 2018





Whether you recognize her young and beautiful face from “Wildin Out”, “Step Up: High Water”, BET’s Cypher, or “Fear Factor” you’ve seen her SOMEWHERE lately but what you may not know is, she is a lil baby musical powerhouse! This 19 year-old legend in the making has my ear wrapped around her music so tightly; I will stop what I’m doing to hear whatever she has released. Yes, she is set on my personal notification list and I’m here to give you every reason she should be on yours too.

She is also on my everyday play list and I am going through withdrawals waiting on this highly anticipated debut album. If you ride with me, you’ll hear Kodie period…Uber passengers can get it too! In the last few weeks she’s dropped a few teasers ‘Love & Drugs II’ ft Trippie Redd gives passion and pain along with her soul crying out in each note she actually sings and Trippie Redd is singing right along with her, modern duet style.  ‘Sing to Her’ gives us a persistent piano and bass combo that you can groove to while she politely brags about the ability to both sing and rap along with the fact that you’ll love her either way. Most recently ‘Flex on Me’ ft TK Kravitz which brings major nostalgia with the 90s R&B duet vibe as she covers relationship ups and downs.


All of these tracks put major emphasis on her amazing singing ability which brings up the elephant in the room; Kodie, where is your long overdue album? Are these new songs on the project? Is this a hint you’re transitioning into singing more? We’ve got questions as fans and we need answers. Those of us who’ve been following Kodie since “2060” with hits such as ‘Told Ya Baby’, ‘Can You Handle It’ and ‘Oh My God’ know that the best of her music is quietly hidden on her SoundCloud account and hard to find anywhere else other than possibly YouTube have been waiting on this evolution and we are here for it!





 With proper direction and a well played career, I’ll bet my last dollar and say she has this generation’s Janet /Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce, Usher or Chris Brown potential.  Kodie incorporates mumble rap with melodies that make you not hate the fact that you have no idea wtf she just said! She has a signature sound that makes you feel as though she might be a lost “Jackson Child” out here beautifully navigating and conquering every challenge with swag & grace.  


Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters


This self-proclaimed “Heart Throb” will draw you in with intense eyes, her playful nature and quick wit and keep your attention with her soulful sound that all ages love. The consistent dream team that consists of Kodie dope team of producers will keep you hooked with their perfectly intertwined combination of high instrumentation beats, lyrics and harmony. If you’re reading this and doubting me, I challenge you to look her up on SoundCloud and see for yourself as we wait for this new album so you won’t be late when the Kodie Shane Addiction hits the masses.  

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