The “Black Lion” Shows OUT During Leo Season: Top 3 Reasons You Should Listen to “The Black Lion” by Aina Brei’Yon

August 15, 2018

I spent some time on 8/8/18 listening to “The Black Lion” because I have absolute faith in the entire being that is Aina Brei’Yon! For those of you who don’t know who she is, this album is the perfect introduction to everything she has evolved into from what we once knew as ‘Temper’. This album has no particular format because the formula is RAW EMOTION. There are 18 tracks that give 18 different stories and because of that, it’s a good one to put on shuffle. Out of 18, I chose my favorite 3 that make this entire project worthy of a spin. Check it out!



  1. 'Nahdi' –  Something a little cocky with a sickening beat saying, “Yep, I made it and you get NOTHING from the fruit of my labor if you weren’t in the trenches!”  




  2. 'I Woke Up Like F*@k It' – Who doesn’t wake up occasionally feeling like they don’t care about ANYTHING but themselves? This is the perfect anthem for the days where it’s all about YOU; the day you do everything you do for YOU without feeling guilty about it.



  3. 'Legend' – This one is the “I made it” track. The one that shows complete pride in accomplishments you’ve reached the hard way. My ABSOLUTE favorite line in this one is, “I’m black with a black owned business!” That in itself should make this an anthem for every black owned business large or small.    


This project has several other bangers with the majority of the entire creation done by Aina herself. These however are my favorite 3. For those who’ve listened, what are your favorites?











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