Your Forever Family: LGBT Foster & Adoptive Parenting

July 18, 2018

               Photo Credit Goes to Gay Parent Magazine 2015 Edition


Who said that being lesbian meant that you could never be a parent?  Who also came up with the idea that you could only become a mother as a lesbian if you were to "switch teams" and have sex with a man to get pregnant to fulfill those dreams?  We see this all the time. Women in the LGBT community struggling to make the best decisions for themselves, when it comes to how to start their journey to becoming a mom (or moms). Adoption hasn't always been one of the first options that came to mind for many people in the LGBT community. To mos people's understanding, adoption comes with a cost and an uncertainty that many would rather avoid.


There are about 42 states that are fairly silent on their views on allowing same-sex couples to adopt and foster children. There are also about 10, including Texas that permits state-licensed child welfare agencies to refuse to place and provide services to children and families, including LGBT people and same-sex couples, if it is on religious grounds.


I found this difficult myself. My wife and I have discussing the idea of adopting for the last few years, but the thing that stops or detours us the most, is how religiously centered many of these organizations are. Many are based around Christian values, which leave those who are apart of other religions or atheists to feel abandoned and rejected. These could be qualified and loving parents who will never be considered based on religion alone.



Just like the issue of Legalizing marijuana, there is no federal legislation on Same-sex adoption. Therefore, it is left in the hands of individual states to decide whether a loving lesbian couple being lesbians is capable of being effective parents. To me, that says that my sexual orientation is more important than finding a home for these children who deserve one. In the state of Texas, same-sex couples and individuals are able to adopt but its left up to agencies to decided based on religious beliefs if that person or couple will receive a placement.  That's crazy.


Just imagine. According to The American Society for the Positive Care of Children, there are over 437,000 children and youth are in foster care. 18% of Children in foster care wait 3-4 years to be adopted, and on average, a child can wait from 12 to 20 months in foster care before they find their forever home.


As a married lesbian woman in the state of  Texas, the idea of adoption seemed complicated. The more research that's done, we find that there are many ways in which, we as a community are able to help these children. Over the course of the next few months, Fabb Femme Radio Network will be doing the footwork and finding resources to help those  LGBT Families find their little ones and give them their Deserved Forever Homes. It will be my goal for the next few months to document my journey in helping as many of these children as I can. Stay Tuned.











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