Marriage: Im Good Luv, Enjoy

June 25, 2018

   Once again, Cardi B & Offset has snuck in some amazing news in an already extravagant occasion. Last night during the BET Awards, Offset referred to Cardi as his wife! Apparently, while we were drooling over Cardi's baby bump, we missed one important detail. The Power Couple is ALREADY MARRIED.  TMZ reported that Cardi B and Offset were married Last September before the ring came into the picture. It's almost like the ring sealed the deal.


   We all know how skeptical some of us were when Offset initially proposed with rumors of the Hip Hop Power Couple possibly calling it quits.  There were rumors circulating about possible infidelity on Offset's part. Some would say, this is something that the rising star, Cardi B does not need or deserve at this time in her career. However, even with the announcement of the couples Nuptial Confirmation, many are voicing their opinions on how long this marriage will last due to fidelity. In the comments, you see a common thing among women, especially the millennial; Not Enough Love On Earth to be Run Over and Cheated On by a man.




 There seems to be a shift in how young women feel about relationships. With artists like Sza, Queen Naija, Ella Mai, and even Cardi B celebrating a new found confidence in women's sexuality and standards within relationships, many are unable to fathom how women like Cardi B, Beyonce, Rasheeda, and more can continue to stick with their husbands after infidelity has been proven. The answers lie in how a woman thinks about her relationship and what is there at stake in losing. 




Cardi B & Offset


Cardi B Net Worth $4 Million

Offset   Net Worth $9 Million


Cardi B proved a few things about this generation, when it comes to relationships; Actions are necessary and accepting me how I am is imperative. Cardi's music kind of shines light on how women are tired and over the abuse and mishandling from men.  Women are now giving these guys a dose of their own medicine while acknowledging how fragile she is at the same time. So Be Careful. One thing is for sure, family means everything to her. 


Offset proved something as well. This generation of guys are able to make a commitment. He didn't draw out an engagement period. He went for it. Now did he cheat? That question is still left up for debate. However, with three previous kids and a net worth at about $9 million, a girl can only assume that he made the leap because he wanted to. With allegedly 4 other baby mamas, I hope Offset is ready to be a Papi and husband.


One thing is for sure when discussing this power couple. They have a great understanding of the old phrase "Life's Short". Together and separately they have accomplished a multitude of things in such a short time. Offset, a member of the Migos, has been apart of and riding a music movement for quite sometime and now with his powerhouse wife next to his side, we can only imagine what's to come for the couple.



Kirk & Rasheeda Frost


Kirk  Net Worth $600 Thousand

Rasheeda Net Worth $2 Million



Kirk, what can we say. The best laughs I got from Kirk was when K. Michelle was on LHHATL.  The man has 5 baby mamas, 7 kids, and 4 grandkids.  With a track record as long as his, I can see why Rasheeda is trying her best to hold it together.  That in itself is a lot to consider when discussing why these two are still together.  On top of that, these two are in business together. Most people assume all married couples work together. Not all, but in this case its true. 

Imagine going to work everyday with a manager that you're married to. How awkward would staff meetings be after you find out that your manager/ husband and has not only been cheating on you with a customer, but he also has a baby with this customer. 

Add a few cameras and a few million viewers to watch you curl up in the corner after finding all of this out in front of other people and there you have a Grade A MESS! If you thought your daddy's child support and spousal bill was high. Consider Kirk's if Rasheeda were to leave him. However, Rasheeda would also pay for something that's alot more valuable than money. Her children's innocence and broken business ties. 

Yeah the man cheated but what would that do for Sis' pockets though. Rasheeda has always stated that Kirk is a great father and business man. And we all know that once that special somebody messes up, we all take that separation to let that hurt go! Maybe Rasheeda has plan that only a mother, grandmother, wife, and business partner could come up with. When it's not just about you, there is a ton to consider.



















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