Rihanna’s Sexy Savage X Lingerie or Victoria Secret?

June 24, 2018

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There are a few things that can be tough for a girl growing up. On that list of things it includes learning to cope with mother nature’s monthly horrific visit, searching for the perfect foundation shade that doesn’t make your skin appear dry and ashy, and picking the right bra size.
Fortunate enough for some of us, we were able to be apart of time where beautiful beings like Rihanna exist. The singer, songwriter, and business woman broke the internet last year with the launch of her very tone inclusive make up line Fenty. She managed to right a wrong for the Make Up Industry that no one had seemed to correct; the lack of color selections for women of color. This launch included 49 different tones for women of all colors and hues.



Who would have thought that something as giving women a more diverse variety or colors selections with their make up could make such an impact? Well, Rihanna knew what she was doing when she released FENTY. Its release literally broke the internet last year. However, the   business woman wasn’t done there! 


The  “Sex With Me” singer released a 90style collection with 36 different sizes in both panties and bras. Much like her Fenty Cosmetic Collection, Savage X Lingerie comes in a diverse range of nude colors! Assuming that she was intentionally trying to prove to the competition that size and color options mattered, we compared Savage X to its Lingerie Counterpart Victoria Secret. 





So, from personal experience I know that Victoria Secret’s only carries up to a 38 DDD in their stores, and up to a 40DD Online. That was surprising because, just like me, many women seem to believe that Victoria Secret only carries sizes for the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Although they are catering to some of our curvier women, Rihanna’s Savage X blows them out of the water with sizes up to 44DD online! 


Styles & Prices


I was in shock with the variety of styles, colors and fabrics found in the Savage X Lingerie Collection. Knowing as much as I do about Victoria Secret’s, I am pleased to tell the ladies of ALL shades.. Rihanna killed this collection for US! Oh.. the pricing isn’t bad either! Just drop in to your nearest measurement for FREE then ORDER YOUR SAVAGE X! 


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