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February 14, 2018



Do you know the difference between temporary and long term? No, think about it. Have you identified the people in your life, knowing for certain who will stick around vs those who are there for a season?

I've seen people married for years only to get divorced. I've watched people consistently get in new relationships where they hold their significant other higher than family and friends who've outlasted those "flings."

There are people who come and go, relationships that end, but friendships and family last forever (whatever your definition of family has become).


Family is not always defined by blood, and there are longtime "lovers" whose communication is that of distant friends. Somehow despite the titles life has given us and those we have placed on each other, we still have trouble deciphering the placement of those only here for a moment and partnerships that will outlast a lifetime.

Despite what the covenant you have with someone currently looks like, be sure you're able to carefully identify those whose loyalty and faithfulness will remain to the end. Otherwise you will find yourself losing very valuable relationships for temporary people.

I learned this a long time ago after a temporary fallout with a friend for a "fling". It was a critical time in my friend's life that I ignored because I was wrapped up in my relationship. My friendship with this person has outlasted that relationship and several others. This reality has lead me to believe, despite how I may feel at the present moment regarding any relationship or friendship, I need to take into account the characteristics and loyalty of those I have known and can depend on; those who have been consistent. If need be, everything will fall to the back seat to assure the security of those relationships. Why? Because I know it is one worth fighting for.

Assessing someone's loyalty and determining their status in your life is not based upon a perfect scale or their perfection. This idea is not about negating their flaws, rather, it's recognizing their consistency. It's about confirming their sincerity, evaluating the times they were there when you needed them the most. It's about remembering who stuck around, even when you didn't recognize their value!


Is a temporary job taking away from your lifetime commitments in marriage?
Has a new boyfriend replaced mommy-daughter time?
Are you distancing yourself from family based on new assemblies and crowds?
Every now and then it's ok to evaluate your relationships, whether it be with your coworkers, cousins, life-partners or best friends.

"Tell me who you loyal to? Do it start with your woman or man? Do it end with your family and friends? Or you're loyal to yourself in advance."- Kendrick Lamar 

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