Not Just Another Angry Broke Black Girl

January 28, 2018

I'm not sure if it’s just me, but I sense a great energy shift for the ladies this year; especially for my women of color.  For generations, women of color have worked to survive and provide for her family. Many have dedicated their lives to being better than their ancestors. Many of us struggle with the same issues: finances, relationships, mental health, abuse, and lack of self-care. However, there seems to be this painted narrative of women of color as only being angry, ignorant, fatherless, bitter, and broke.


There is a group on Facebook right now that has completely changed my life as a

woman of color. The group is called “The Broke Black Girl”.


i first came across the group from a Instagram post that went viral. It was an extremely heartfelt depiction of the current state of sisterhood in the community. In my eyes, it made a statement that says, "no matter what society says, we can and do love on each other". It seemed like this post fell right on time. Many of us are taught that other women are our competition and therefore we struggle to form lasting friendships and relationships with other women.


The growing group of 25,780 beautiful women was created by Dasha Kennedy. In the group's description Kennedy tells  why she decided to create the group.




"This group was created to help black girls and women during their journey to financial freedom and finding a balance between prettiness and priorities. There is a stigma about black women that we are beautiful, yet broke or that we go broke trying to be beautiful. I chose the name “The Broke Black Girl” to push the message that yes, at one point or another in my life - that was me or you. After the education, financial tips, accountability and encouragement you will gain in this group - you will evolve from that and continue to keep the platform open for our younger sisters that come into the group as - “The Broke Black Girl”




From the day I joined the group about a week ago, I have experienced nothing less than positive vibes, love, bonding, and encouragement from so many women at once.  Most mornings my timeline is consumed by 9 am with positive  and uplifting messages from women all over the world. We discuss our new business ventures, ways to improve our credit scores ,self care, budgeting and building assets. It is truly a safe place and a nurturing environment. It goes completely against society's view of women. We can get along. We can have meaningful relationships. We can create and build wealth. It's teaching me the broken part of every woman is what we should build off of into greater. We deserve that.




Checkout The Broke Black Girl













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