I Did It For Me! | Chelsea Janee  | 12.25.17

December 26, 2017


I did it for me!!

I take pride in my ability to give. I've always viewed my charity as an unselfish act, considering giving isn't a natural instinct for most. However, I do look for a return, not always financially, but equal contribution and effort. Sometimes, if I don't receive what I feel is a just return I get upset. I was scorn for this some years ago and told; "Don't do anything looking for a return". I agree with that advice to an extent. By law, what you sow you reap; what you give you receive. However, it may not come in the way you expected . Personally, I have been dissapointed in the outcome of many investments. Emotional, financial, even individual investments. The benefits of invesments aren't always up front. Sometimes what's given to you is all a person has to give at that time. Financially, everyone doesn't budget wisely; Socially, some people weren't taught how to treat others; Emotionally, sometimes the outcome of what you’ve given results in no incoming peace. No matter the investment there is some form of loss, but I've learned risk is necessary for profit. 



The sacrifices and investments I make are shapened by my mantra and personal beliefs.
I do, I love, I give with everything in me because it is who I am. I've done it for me but many times I looked to people for retribution. How I give, and what I may receive in the end is determined by me. If I give with expectations from people then I may always be let down. However, if I continue to give my all because I feel that is the best way to live and love I reap the benefits in staying true to myself!
You can be charitable and cautious. Warrant the expense of how much you give of yourself at one time. Consider if it's worth your time. Giving with genuine intentions is key, but keep Yourself in mind ! Do it for you!



                              CHELSEA JANEE


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