Friends First

September 21, 2017

Marry your best friend. That's what they say. Or be with the one who makes you happy. Who makes you happier than someone who knows you best? Someone you feel free to tell all your secrets.The one person you trust with your whole heart .. is who you expect not to break it. 



It's a gamble with love. Always has been, always will be. How much more when friendship is involved? Making the transition from lovers to friends is a big step.  It requires much sacrifice. 


Your committing to gaining a lover and possibly losing a friend. The best outcome is you become one with your better half. Your ace. The one who knows you better than anyone else. The chemistry so understood it doesn't have to be explained.



Worst case scenario: a bond is broken you can never get back. Imagine. Things go sour and you lose twice. 



The possible complications and gains are easy to recognize in this relationship. It's worth evaluating before taking a step forward. Is possibly losing a friend worth gaining a lover? You decide. 


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