Petty Power

September 20, 2017


*Immature content advised *💁🏽 

They say it's power in the "P".
When necessary every woman knows how to work that petty muscle! (Werk it pop it girl). But you know... we keep it classy. We're only petty for the greater good🤞🏽
Being a petty queen myself, every now and then I'm known to get in my bag. You know like in a racist YouTube comment section or a nonchalant drag under a Facebook meme. Or mabye a subliminal post for a bitter ex! 🤷🏽‍♀️Some people just need to be got together. I know some of you will act mature like your not apart of the shaderoom creep squad, but  I have no shame in admitting: sometimes I like being petty!
But I also fall victim of guilt and wonder: Is my petty being used for the greater good🤔 I've often joined a gang of petty friends & had a petty parade (we're a shady bunch). Oh the joy & laughter! But what was the purpose? What have we pettily accomplished? I do one Day aspire to reach new petty levels in that I would Trump presidential success in working humbly after retiring from my throne. Or silently ignore ignorance and deny my haters existence! 


Make me oh Lord nice nasty like Nancy's nerve to question the culture. 



Mold my #RBF in the image of that of your righteous judging church mothers.  



Should you really find me fit, allow me to bask in the grace of the Queen herself. Make haters eat their words like B & JayZ who only respond when payed to negativity.  
Ahhhh... we all got some petty in us!
Some petty power just more powerful than others.  When petty profits! Hmm...Petty prophets🤔 We'll get to that next time! 🐸☕️ 




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