No New Friends or Maybe Just One

September 20, 2017


"Yeah I stay down with my day one niggas and we in the club screaming 

No new friends, no new friends, no new friends, no, no new (DJ Khaled!)
(Fuck a fake friend, where your real friends at? Started!)" 


Many people agree with the lyrics to Drake's song "No New Friends". With lyrics that define the loyalty in friendships that have been solid since day one, many can appreciate the deeper meaning in the song.  In my opinion it highlights, the joy of having people around you that have seen your life growing pains from past to current. 


These people are often the ones that remind you of home, and often help you appreciate where you have been in life.  The day one friend is supposed to be one who has shown loyalty, love, and respect since the first time you've met. Sounds like a unicorn to me!! The idea that we can't form new friendships limits our growth in life. 



Living by the line "No new friends" would force us to deal with acquaintances that we may have outgrown. Time and life circumstances can create a wedge in old friendships and that is ok. People are uncomfortable with the idea that people will enter and exit your life for reasons and seasons. Some are willing to hold on to toxic friendships based on loyalty and the length of time they have known someone and refuse to get to know new people.


Keeping a balance of the two types of people is important to growth. Find people who share common interests as yours, people who have endured similar life experiences, or those who are a positive influence to your personal development. Then, you also keep around a select few people who had never waivered on your friendship; people you have endured life experiences with, growing pains, and emotional growth. Those people will help keep you humbled and on your toes.


Women of color often have a hard time with friendships. In a culture where we have been taught to compete against one another, it's hard to understand or see the genuine in people. How do you combat that? Be willing to atleast network with new people. Eventually you will stumble across some dope people who you  help increase or maintain your Dopeness! So have a new friend, or two, on me. 




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