Idols Become Rivals

September 14, 2017


We have all been there at some point in life. As adults, we struggle to acknowledge the truth behind our inspirations in life. We often times rather claim that they come from a family member or a friend. Very few will say that they have an idol, or an individual that they look up to. If they do, often times those that are referenced, are looked at as an all time great. 



Take the music industry for an example. IF you were to ask artists like Chris Brown, Tamar Braxton, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and so forth, many of them will acknowledge the legends; they mention people like Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Tupac, you know! Although it is imperative that artists acknowledge the past greats, it is equally important to highlight those that are currently making  strides to become the next generations legends.




In a time where everyone is screaming "lets unite" we often times turn our own next generational legends against each other. In a sense, it is almost interesting how we actually encourage the divisive behavior. Cardi B. You know that's our girl! Yet, it almost seems people wanted her career to be a joke. Conversations about who was better, Cardi B or Nicki Minaj, divided fans. Both artists are DOPE in their own lane!! Nicki Minaj had chicks wearing Pink Hair. Cardi B has every hood chick wanting a pair of Red Bottoms. 



 We won't always agree with or prefer an artists music. However, we must learn to give props where they are due. There are many upcoming artists that are making alot of noise, but no one wants to acknowledge them. They are out here grindin hard to make it; and when they do. It seems idols become rivals.



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