Who Are Your Business Besties?

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When you saw the words "Business Besties", did you think," Oh no doing business with friends is a BADD idea?!" Of course, separating relationships when you decide to start your business is important, however, aligning yourself with the right people is just as important. Business Besties serve a number of purposes that help you to grow and develop as a business woman. Such as:

+To Help You Brainstorm

+To Help Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone when Needed

+To Give You Honest Feedback

+To Encourage You

+To Celebrate Small & Big Wins

+To Collaorate New Ideas

So where do we find our business besties? That's easy! You continue to do something that most of us women already do on a regular, which is network. Attending networking events in your area will always open many doors to new relationships as long as you're open to it. That's the key. Go to the events, and mingle. Talk to other business owners that are attending. Share information and keep in touch. Check out their businesses and support them. Thats a great start to building new business relationships and a possible new Business Bestie Relationship.

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Social media is also a great way to network with other business owners, not only in your area, but both nationally and internationally. Using tools such as Facebook Like Pages, Facebook Groups, and even Instagram Pools, you can and will meet tons of people that are not only willing to support your business but will also love to have your support of their business.

One of our favorite Facebook Groups right now is BillionHeiress Girls Club.

BillionHeiress Girls Club FB Group

Don't be shy. Join these meet up groups in your area. Attend a few networking events, and shop at a few pop-up shops. If nothing else, show up and show support. Small gestures, liking posts, and sharing them are also support. Regardless, get out there ane meet some new people. In Business there is no room for the old saying "No New Friends". That new business relationship could take you to the next level.


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