Music to Get You Through Quarantine AfterDark

There are guests that Fabb Femme Radio love to keep in contact with! We love building relationships with music artists, especially those that are independent. Our goal is to give them a uncompromising platform to showcase their music and to help broaden their audience. Dez Creshendo is no stranger to the Fabb Family and has previously been on air before.

We were pleased to find out, that even during these trying times, she was able to push out some new music that is very dope!!!

Her new song "Tonight (Are You Ready?) ft Dee Walton is a very sultry song that is guaranteed to get you through the night with Bae!!! It starts out with her talking about how mesmerized she is about a young woman she is hanging out with while drinking. Her mind is only in one place; visualizing her naked during this dope conversation!

Now if you are quarantined with bae this is one to add to the playlist! Put it in the beginning so she knows what time it is. Then ask her " Are You Ready?".

Click the video before to listen right now.

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